From a patient’s point of view.

Here it comes from the mouth of one that is going through and witnessing what is actually happening with this whole sham from D.C. This government healthcare debacle has been preening itself since January 21, 2009. Make no mistake – the Dems have been waiting for the perfect patsy to set up their socialistic masochistic plan for these United States of AMERICA. And we’re all like cattle being led to the slaughter house.

But let me tell you my story.

The Conspiracy.

In this story, you’ll wonder why someone would still buck the ever present government healthcare bill in spite of what private companies and private physicians did to a private citizen that just wanted to go to the doctor for a simple injury sustained at his place of employment. In the end, which at this time is still foreseeable, this will cost many thousands of dollars, a man’s health, his savings account and perhaps his livelihood. This man is only in his 40’s. This man is my husband.

It is in a wife’s nature to be protective of her husband and family, which I can be quite feral about. That being said, every little nuance that he deals with, I deal with.

The Story…the truth.

My husband changed jobs in early 2008. While in his previous place of employment, he went to the doctor for a couple of minor issues like getting a physical, getting his fibromyalgia re-evaluated and a benign bit of tissue removed from his neck. Not a big deal, eh? Think again.

So, he went from a job that had health insurance to a job that did not offer health insurance but offered other things that are beneficial to us, and still are. But, we are in our 40’s and know that we’re getting to an age where people can start having heart problems, arthritis and other sundry illnesses. So, we shopped around for health insurance. I was shocked at what a few hundred dollars a month bought (for one person, mind you)….a deductable of $5000, does not pay for emergency or tests of any kind – and that’s the short list. Do you have any idea what a MRI or a CAT scan costs? I do.

The Lie.

After much thought and prayer, my husband bought health insurance from Coventry One insurance company on October 9, 2009. We paid premiums of $195 per month until January 1, 2010. A certified letter from Coventry One insurance company came today (1/6/10) to tell us that my husband’s policy was cancelled…quote, “…the decision has been made to terminate your coverage, retroactive to November 1, 2009”. But they sure didn’t mind taking my money since November 1, 2009. The salesman for Coventry told my husband today that ‘we are on our own’. So, for all intents and purposes, we will not get our money back for services NOT RENDERED.

What actually happened.

My husband sustained an injury in his lower back while picking up heavy boxes at work. He was doing a simple task that he normally did every day. But this day he got hurt. Because of the nature of business at his place of employment, they do not have to pay into workman’s compensation.

Thinking that this was just a pulled muscle, he went to a chiropractor for adjustments to relieve the pain, but after many visits, it wasn’t getting any better but worse. He finally relented and went to the doctor. After all, he HAD health insurance. After paying for a bunch of office visits, his doctor ordered blood tests and a MRI, all of which was not covered by Coventry. The MRI was inconclusive and was then ordered a CAT scan which he has not yet gotten. We just don’t have the money to pay for it.

We still don’t have a diagnosis and my husband is still in a great amount of pain. And now he doesn’t have insurance.

What does this have to do with losing his health insurance? NOTHING. Coventry did not want to pay, so they found reasons not to that had absolutely nothing to do with his current health issue. NOTHING.

The Conspiracy.

As I previously stated, my husband went to the doctor in late 2008. But this is what the doctor’s notes actually revealed:

“Our routine claims examination revealed medical records from Ochsner Clinic Foundation, dated 12/16/08, which indicate ‘He quit smoking but now started to smoke again.’ The records from Ochsner Clinic Foundation dated 1/6/09, indicate a diagnosis of depression treated with Cymbalta, fibromyalgia and ‘knots on forearm, knot on neck – most likely due to lipoma’. The records from Ochsner Clinic Foundation dated 1/6/09, also indicate a referral to rheumatology and dermatology.”

Starting at the beginning of their laundry list of lies:

  1. My husband quit smoking over five years ago and has NOT resumed smoking. LIE.
  2. My husband was treated with a low dose of Lexapro/Lyrica for fibro only. The Ochsner doctor, at her urging, prescribed Cymbalta which he stopped taking a month later due to side effects. It was in fact this doctor’s OPINION that fibro isn’t a real disorder. But she didn’t mind prescribing meds for it. Oh, now it’s real?
  3. A lipoma is a benign tumor composed of fatty tissue – which is NOT what the doctor at Ochsner diagnosed. Suddenly my husband has ‘lipoma’? Today is the first time we ever heard the term. My husband had something similar (never actually diagnosed or even named) removed from his neck. The doctor never said the word ‘lipoma’….it was called a cyst. LIE.
  4. My husband’s referral was to dermatology to remove said ‘tumor’. He was never sent to rheumatology. LIE.

I am incensed that this DOCTOR assumed my husband to be in a depressed state and a smoker with tumors. These are all outright lies to keep my husband from getting further treatment or health insurance in the future.

Thusly, under Coventry’s circumstances – and under “Article 10 MISREPRESENTATION OF FACTS (in caps from the letter Coventry sent)…the decision has been made to terminate your coverage, retroactive to November 1, 2009.”

We are now uninsurable because of the effectual lies of Ochsner clinic to Coventry One Insurance Company.

Again – what does this really have to do with losing his health insurance? Not one thing listed above had anything to do with his back injury. Coventry did not want to pay, so they found reasons not to that had absolutely nothing to do with his current back injury. NOTHING.

The Government.

The government wants you to pay them. The government wants you to need them. The government wants to make you do it their way. Essentially, government-run health care is a system that is doomed to fail but it’s here like a pink elephant in the room and there’s nothing we can do about it, at least for now. The domino effect from this is that doctors are making decisions behind our backs for our future care…the liability issues abound but to no avail – the American public is at their mercy thanks to Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

This story is not uncommon. This is happening everyday to everyday people that trust the system. We have been duped into believing that we’re safe with our warm and comfy health insurance whether we buy it or get it as a benefit at work. But what’s actually happening is the opposite – insurance isn’t worth the policy it’s written on and that’s exactly what the government wants so we’ll be so DESPERATE that we’ll buy into government run healthcare. After all, what else can we do? Where else can we turn?

What is the moral of this story?

First, the truth will be held against you. My husband told the truth to Coventry One Insurance Company and while Ochsner Clinic lied, Coventry believed and would not pay.

Second, be mindful of the notes that your physician made while you are in their care. If they will not share them with you, get an attorney.

Third, understand that the world is changing and the things that we took for granted even just a couple of years ago are now in the hands of one that is trying to manipulate the system for his own personal gain.

Fourth, watch your back. Literally.

The insurance agent said that not only was Coventry One Insurance not paying us back for the premiums that we paid in but he also informed us that we ‘are on our own’. A salesman is not going to help you; he only wanted your business – he made his commission.

The scary part is that these things that happened to us are minor compared to people that have catastrophic illnesses and diseases. What happens to them? Either you pay through the nose or you pay through the nose. Your choice.

This is a conspiracy…not a theory. And the story is far from over.