As I have reported over and over again, the new administration wants to kill your babies and make you accept an abomination called homosexuality…in schools, government, the work place, where you live and in your church. For instance, in the headlines today:

CNN reports – “Courtroom showdown set to begin over same-sex marriage.”

The Miami Herald reports – “South Florida holds first gay wedding expo.”

And then the Boston Globe reports – “Consensus on gay rights eludes GOP,” because the Republican candidate has selected an openly gay running mate.

Anymore, newscasts are all about abortion and homosexuality. These are clear abominations in the eyes of God. How much longer before child pornography is legal?

Is nothing sacred?

Well, as a Minister, I know the answer to that – NO. Nothing that has ever been spiritually or morally correct is protected by this world any longer. Even the Church will be forced to make adjustments in the not so distant future because of the saturation of the homosexual lifestyle.

You know, if these people and their supporters used the same exuberance and gusto to feed and house the homeless, there wouldn’t be a homeless problem. I wonder how many people had no place to sleep last night. Do they care? No, they’d rather spend their money on attorneys, a house to rehab together in the city and IVF.

I am so sick of this being romanticized by the media.

So, let me help ya out Bob & Tom and Jane & Linda: We, as Christians and Americans do not care about your ‘suffering’. You are in obvious sin and think this world owes you for your lousy lifestyle CHOICE. I will not pay taxes to a government that pays you to thumb your nose at God and do the unthinkable. You do not have the right to make my child or grandchild accept about your same-sex predicament.

Let me go here again: As a Minister of the GOSPEL I will not tell my church, family or friends to accept your deviant behaviour. However, I will tell them that you were made by God and that God does love YOU – not your lifestyle.

Too bad…it would have been nice to see you in Heaven.