Looking back at 2009, the year of living in fear of the unborn child, there have been some real strange happenings in this kind of fiasco and tragedy of the healthcare phenomenon. I’m still struck at how a lot of this was based on the ability to get government paid abortions. My mind still reels at the hatred those people have for a child not yet born. But all things considered, it was a better year for the unborn child.

Here’s a great blurb from Salon:

…Antiabortion forces, Joffe writes, also deploy the psychological weapon of antiabortion stigma, a potent contaminant of conscience and community that has led to, among other things, “a chronic shortage of [abortion] providers”…

The truth is that there are fewer abortions every year since 1990; the most abortions were performed in 1990. Guttmacher reports and obvious decline in abortions:

  • 1973    744,600
  • 1990   1,608,600
  • 2005   1,206,200

The reason why abortions are down is not just because the number of abortion providers has dropped but because women have become smarter and are making better choices. Yes, providers are down, and we need to thank the many people that pray and march and protest in place of a child that has no voice…that’s why providers are closing their doors.

It’s no secret that the pro-life movement lost significant ground during the 2008 elections. However, the events of 2009 have clearly demonstrated the movement’s resiliency and heft. Indeed, it is safe to say that pro-lifers have been the most effective opponents of Obamacare. Their efforts on this issue alone show unmistakably that the right-to-life movement is an indispensable part of the center-right coalition.

True enough – people are tired of the threat of more murdered children for government-run healthcare and prolifers had their say in the recent election in Massachusetts. We are tired of democratic rhetoric displayed as progressive government.

Pro-lifers realize that abortion funding is a very effective wedge issue dividing moderate Democrats from Obama and his liberal base. Indeed, more than anything else, the conflict over abortion funding is responsible for the delay, and quite possibly the eventual defeat, of ObamaCare.

Ironically, the Democrats are the ones that cut off their own nose to spite their face. WE THE PEOPLE are not buying anything with abortion in it, near it or even around the block from it.

The annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. is coming this Friday….forget the battle – let’s win the WAR!!