It’s been a bit since I’ve updated the status of our odyssey regarding healthcare. As I mentioned in my article, Scare tactics and the real story behind the government healthcare conspiracy, my husband and I have been going through the wringer mentally and financially with his health and the care he should have instead of what we’ve been given.

Here’s a ‘for instance’…as you know, my husband’s insurance was cancelled and he still needed to get a CAT scan and a colonoscopy. Being that we did not have insurance my husband called and told the doctor’s office that we would be paying cash. The insurance price was $1100; cash price $325. Yes, we need health reform. I’m hoping the colonoscopy goes as well.

This has been quite taxing on my sense of humour. I’m still sick with ill will toward this whole health care society that is taking advantage of decent people that just want to have this abundant life here in these United States of America. Already half of our savings is gone…money we saved to buy our last home. Guess we’ll stay renters.

I’ve gotten so focused on everything that we eat, drink, do, poop; EVERYTHING that goes in or comes out is a priority now. It’s like we’ve gone back into infancy. Our system is flawed and hideous. We should not have to worry about being able to eat and pay rent instead of getting meds or surgery.

So as my narrative continues, I will update when I can. My husband has a great deal of pain and is concerned with the basics of Life; sleeping through the night, being able to stand without wincing or crying and not limping anymore.