Evil never rests.

…the many Haitian women who find themselves cut off from their usual sources for family planning services and supplies, including condoms, must be provided with free contraceptives. A failure to address these needs heightens the risk for unwanted pregnancy and botched abortion, HIV and other STIs, and high-risk, life-threatening pregnancies and childbirth. –Guttmacher Institute

Over 150,000 people died in Haiti since the earthquake and if pro-choicers have their way more will die due to abortion and abortifacients provided by anti-abortion groups like Reproductive Health Response in Conflict Consortium.

I wish this was the first we’ve heard of pro-choicers finding ‘fertile’ ground in third world countries after major catastrophes. But handing out condoms to people that have no water or food or shelter?? Condoms? Are they too good to help find survivors instead of making them?