Or, Catholic ideology & children lost to abortion

As an ex-catholic, I do have knowledge of their dogma regarding death and salvation. While pondering this, it came to me: Catholics really don’t know where the aborted babies are. Most Catholics, as well as the Pope in Rome, believes that one cannot get to heaven unless one is baptized in water and is a ‘good’ person until their demise. Even still, that does not assure one’s eternity – in the Catholic faith.

So, where are the babies? Heaven, hell, limbo, purgatory, and my personal favorite – ceases to exist. Gotta love the Catholics for making the simplest doctrine of the Bible something of a fairytale. Anyway, Catholics are usually staunch pro-lifers which is wonderful! But here’s why – they believe that unless you get dunked in water and have Latin spoken over you, you’ll not see the bright side of Heaven. You will be doomed to Hell. Essentially, Catholics are pro-life because of the need of water baptism to assure (almost) the security of Salvation.

But don’t just listen to me…read what the Catholic Church AND lay Catholics say…”The fate of unbaptized children has not been determined.”

I found this nugget on a message board – “Bizarrely, looking at it this way, it almost seems like the kindest thing to do to a child is kill it at birth. After all the amount of time you spend on earth (which can be good or bad remember) is nothing compared to eternity. Especially when we are told by many religions that this eternity is either ‘Heaven’ (Better than anything on earth) or ‘Hell’ (More horrific than anything imaginable.) I was a bit shocked that this was not the only person that believed that!

What does the Bible say?

 ‘Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God’ (Matt 5:8). An unborn child cannot know sin, thus would be pure in heart.

‘But now he is dead, wherefore should I fast? can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.’ (2Sam 12:23). King David knew that he would see his son in Heaven as the Holy Spirit had revealed to him.

“We cannot say we know with certainty what will happen” to unbaptized babies, Father McPartlan said, “but we have good grounds to hope that God in his mercy and love looks after these children and brings them to salvation.” Fr. McPartlan continues saying that while affirming people’s hope, the document takes pains to explain the Christian (Catholic) belief that baptism is necessary to guarantee salvation and urges parents to baptize their infants.

In summarizing this we need to understand that Scripture is sure and the absolute Word of God – no man can take away or add to it to make it their own. Catholicism is murky at best especially regarding proper doctrine. Babies, unborn and born, do go to Heaven: they do not cease to exist or have to burn a fiery Hell. The sin of the mother aborting the precious soul does not take Salvation away from the child.

Yes – all babies go to Heaven.