All too often ‘fathers’ get all the grief for the child that would not be born and most of them should. But what about the men that either did not know she was pregnant much less got an abortion without his knowledge – or CONSENT? Maybe he had no CHOICE.

Privacy laws that revolve around abortion don’t help the fathers out at all. Quite honestly, no one really knows about every abortion that was ever performed – how many, reasons, type, gestation – so for all intents and purposes we don’t know everything about the hush-hush business of abortion. A man’s wife can go to any abortion clinic and get an abortion without the husband/father’s knowledge. As well, a minor can get an abortion without the parent’s knowledge but WITH the ‘help’ of public school because of privacy laws. But that’s another article to be written.

Simply, abortion is legal is she wants it; illegal if he wants it. But what if he didn’t want it?

Fathers become involved in an abortion in one of five ways:

  • they encourage or support the woman to abort
  • they pressure her to abort
  • they abandon her to make the decision alone
  • they unsuccessfully oppose the abortion
  • they learn about the abortion only after it has been done.

What is unfortunate is that the law will always be on the side of the ‘mother’. Lots of legislation regarding the father’s right to know never know fruition because the Supreme Court and the ACLU will never let it happen. The percentage of women that get abortions without telling their partner is much higher than those that are in relationships.

Truth be told, and you know I’m telling the truth, women – that are in a relationship with the father – that get abortions want their boyfriend/husband to tell her NO. When women have the abortion, the relationship they had with the father (if they had one at all) is NEVER the same and most often they break up. A woman just cannot forgive the father for not being man enough to be a father and the father can’t forgive himself for not being man enough to take responsibility of the pregnancy.

On the other hand, there are the men that throw money at the woman to ‘get rid of it’. But these guys that did that have realized later in life that they were instrumental in the death of their child:

Considerable evidence shows that abortion often negatively affects men’s mental health and that a large proportion of men regret their partner’s abortion later on. Sociologists Eileen Nelson and Priscilla Coleman reported in 1993 that 52% of men felt regret after their partner’s abortion. A March 19, 1989 poll published in the Los Angeles Times found that two-thirds of men surveyed whose partners had had an abortion regretted the aborting of their children.

Abortion hurts men, too. There are no survivors.

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