I have witnessed Life for the last nearly 49 years. I’ve seen births and deaths, marriages and divorces, trauma and deliverance, even conception and abortion. While I try to fight the fight for the unborn, I sometimes forget that there are other lives in the balance, sometimes mine. While trite to most that do not know who I am, it is not at all trite to me. My problem is remembering that my life does mean something to me and God.

Maybe that’s why I hate how Life is taken for granted; the homeless are ignored, elderly forgotten, the poor isolated, the disabled left to fend for themselves, untold millions of babies slaughtered. How does my life count? Ask God!

But there is beauty in this thing called Life. Last Sunday evening at church, my husband and I were sitting close to where the deaf sit for the sign language interpreter. There was a married couple there; the wife could see and hear, the husband was blind and had on huge hearing aids. I watched the interpreter as the wife signed right along with her while the husband stood in front of his wife gently holding her hands while she signed. It dawned on me that he can’t hear much besides being blind. His only way of communication was holding his wife’s hands while she signed. This man’s wife cared enough to learn how to help her husband communicate that he would have quality of Life in the outside world. It was the most incredible thing that I have ever witnessed.

How much better would this life be if we would just take a moment to see the Life around us!

John 10:10 simply says ‘The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.’ Satan seeks to destroy us and kill our children. But we have Victory in Christ! Satan has been defeated!

We need to focus on changing our own hearts toward Life so we can change the heart of the mother in a crisis pregnancy. Christ can change the Believer one heart at a time; we can defeat abortion one mother at a time!

Pray that your heart will mend and change, pray for Life.

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