A repost from July 23, 2009.

I bounced around like a ricocheting bullet my entire life; in and out of bad relationships, had my first child out of wedlock, an off and on drinking problem, raised in Catholicism, etc. And there’s so much more in-between. Somehow I’ve made it through with only a couple of unseen scars.

Finally, the Lord caught up with me on December 12, 2001 at an offsite sales meeting. I heard the Gospel for the very first time from a man that praised Jesus and gave God the glory for his success. The next day at work, the Lord put him in my path and I accepted Jesus that day, December 13, 2001. I was 40 years old.

Since then I have put myself through a near literal Hell for not raising my children knowing Jesus. Of course I didn’t know Jesus then, but it still weighs on me. Their Eternity is at stake.

Last night at church, when the call came for those that don’t know the Lord, my youngest son held up his hand, barely, and was repeating the Sinner’s Prayer.

A miracle happened last night; my son will now know Eternity with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you, Precious Lord.

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