What is Life? Scientists root around ancient burial grounds, archeological digs and other planets scouting around for Life. And not just dinosaurs….microscopic, sometimes single cell bits of Life. Why? These people spend the better part of their lives looking for Life through dirt and dust that they overlook the slaughter going on every day in abortion clinics. Most scientists believe in the theory of evolution and that life can be spared – survival of the fittest, it seems. A fossil gets more respect than an unborn child.

Sometimes I’m so discouraged…so discouraged that I find myself in intercessory prayer for those that lost and those that don’t care. God gives me the solace that nothing else can.

Through many years of off and on alcohol abuse – a way I thought I could cope – I believed (or secretly hoped) the lie that there was never a baby. As I research the phenomenon of Life, I reel at the fact that at least half of this world still believes that Life does not begin at conception. How can that happen while doctors implant embryos into barren women? It’s only a baby when it suits you or when you pay for it?

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about a child lost. I am certainly not alone. The Bible speaks of how Jesus came that we may have abundant Life*, not Life stolen from us. He healed all and raised the dead…how can anyone justify the death of an unborn child when Jesus Himself gave the commandment to love one another**?

Beloved, I wish the unbeliever Life; I pray salvation for all that tarry. Life is more important than what is not sanctified by God. The world is not your Comforter; it is your certain death.

The concept of Life comes with the knowledge of the One that died for YOU.

*John 10:10, **1John 3:23

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