Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor of the Supreme Court said the 1973 Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade, which established a constitutional right to abortion, is a matter of “settled” law. Actually, I find it quite unsettling that it is accepted as normal and common.

There is much going on with upcoming elections regarding “settled law”. Up for this election(s) are personhood law which dictates in state constitutions when life begins, parental consent, public funding through taxes, required waiting period, late term abortion, etc. I am so thankful that we live in a country where a legal citizen has the right to vote on all issues…but having the right to vote whether a person lives or dies goes beyond what the government is supposed to do. That is up to God.

When I found out abortion was an option (1978, only 5 years after Roe), I was full of questions…. ‘Are you sure this is legal?’ ‘This is NORMAL?’ ‘You mean anyone can walk in and get one (abortion), just like that??’ I was under the impression that life is…LIFE; not kind of life, sort of. Suddenly everyone I knew either had an abortion or knew someone that did and it all seemed so NORMAL to them. And even weirder is that my so-called religious Catholic family thought it was okay. Needless to say, I am no longer Catholic…

All that being said, the pride of life has taken the lives of others out of the equation of being viable enough to care about. As a country, collectively we are about 50% prolife. 50%!!! Now that is unsettling. Americans are much more involved in the pride of life – the sanctity of their home, job, belongings, being pillars of the community – that unborn children have no place in it if the child does not benefit them or fit in to their lives at the time.

Laws are important to save the lives of babies. But having the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ will teach the most hard-core prochoice atheist that life is precious and worth saving, keeping, nurturing and loving. At least that’s how it happened to me.

The New Covenant replaces what the Law could not do…give us victory in Christ. Sharing Jesus Christ with the lawmakers, abortion clinic workers and expectant moms will save the lives of the children that might lose their life to abortion – “settled law” can finally have its victory, when it is finally abolished.

Now go vote.

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