Or, Hail to the Victors??

The University of Michigan is the newest death mill – they are using private funds for embryonic stem cell research. Prolifers tend to forget that just because the government is not funding this heinous research does not mean that Bob the Billionaire is not. Also keep in mind that U of M is a public school.

U of M tries to skirt it by saying that the embryos were unwanted, surplus embryos that were going to be destroyed anyway….they’re no bigger than a period (.). In commenting on their thread, I find that Life is worth nothing to their supporters. It is perceived that it’s okay to take a life to make another life better and easier. “For there is no respect of persons with God” (Romans 2:11); that five day old embryo is just as important to God as YOU ARE.

How can anyone make the choice to take a life for research? If that is the case, and life is perceived, AND viability is still opinion, then that would mean that any pregnant woman is at risk of having their unborn child extracted for their alleged research at any gestation at any time.

Sounds rather Nazi-like, eh?

Certainly the University of Michigan is not alone in private funded embryonic stem cell research.

Be aware of who we root for and who we buy from…I do now.

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