We are in day 17 of the 40 Days for Life campaign. So, I took the mile and a half walk down to the Women’s Med Center (the local abortion clinic) to see how the Dayton campaign is going. I was hoping to see more saints there in prayer. When my husband and I was at the Dayton Life Chain, we saw well over 1500 people there in prayer. But sometimes, there’s only an army of one.

I was across the street today; I prayed in the Spirit and watched as people blew their car horns in agreement. This man was unfazed. He kept vigil holding his sign in one hand and a crucifix in the other. He is easily in his sixties and is at that abortion clinic nearly every day. My husband blows his horn at him every morning and gets a cheerful wave from him.

As I stood there watching him, I saw cars come and go from the parking lot. I saw old, half-broke down cars and very expensive cars. Apparently the abortion business is paying pretty well to have those expensive cars. When I saw this I thought of the little boys and girls that died that day for that pretty red sports car while their moms drove away in a car so beat up it barely runs. I wept.

Every single day of the week people drive by that abortion mill without a thought and a lot of them are Christians. They seem unfazed by this horrible place sitting there so quietly. My heart breaks when I see it – right behind it are nice middle class houses with swing sets in the back yards. Don’t they notice? Can they not smell the stench of death? And are Christians so busy that it just doesn’t matter enough??

But sometimes, there’s only an army of one.

An Army of ONE


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