This November 2, 2010, Colorado voters will decide on an anti-abortion “personhood” amendment that would give unborn babies human rights in the state constitution. If this is passed, and other states do the same, this could be what finally abolishes abortion. Ironically, Colorado is also known for another issue regarding abortion: Warren Hern, late-term abortionist. If this amendment passes, this will finally shut him down.

Late-term abortion generally is after 16 weeks of gestation. After 20 weeks, only two KNOWN doctors perform these…Leroy Carhart and Warren Hern. Hern is a not just a peer, but friends of George Tiller and Leroy Carhart. George Tiller was shot to death May of 2009, in a church where he was a deacon – a baby killer that the entire congregation knew as some kind of hero to women. I say we need to see what this ‘church’ is teaching…

A statement I read today said that less than 1% of all abortions are considered late-term abortions – a common fallacy. Of course that does depend on how a person or government defines late-term abortion. These are truer numbers: 4.2% from 16 to 20 weeks, and 1.4% at or after 21 weeks; after 24 weeks is less than .02% which is an assumed number because there is little documentation due to privacy laws in all states. Hern will abort up to 40 weeks, “Fetal Anomaly Patients are seen at anytime during pregnancy, but management will depend on length of gestation, medical indications, etc.,” (

At 20 menstrual weeks and later, the first step in the abortion procedure on the second day of her appointment is an injection of medication into the fetus that will stop the fetal heart instantly. The patient is awake during this procedure, which is done under local anesthesia and with the use of direct ultrasound vision. The woman does not observe the fetus on the ultrasound screen in this process. The injection, done with strict attention to sterile technique, usually takes about ten minutes, although the appointment may take longer because of preparations that must be made.” NOTE: It takes up to four days to abort the child.

In Hern’s textbook on how perform abortions, describes the procedures plainly:

  • Regarding a first trimester abortion, “The physician will usually first notice a quantity of amniotic fluid, followed by placenta and fetal parts, which may be more or less identifiable,”
  • Later in his text, “The procedure changes significantly at 21 weeks because fetal tissues become much more cohesive and difficult to dismember,”
  • And then, “A long curved Mayo scissors may be necessary to decapitate and dismember the fetus,”
  • He also instructs, “The aggregate (whole) fetal tissue is weighted, then the following fetal parts are measured, foot length, knee to heel length, and biparietal (skull) diameter”.

Warren Hern is considered a third trimester abortionist. This trimester is when the baby is most viable if he/she is born early. When you read about tiny premature babies born at 24 or 25 weeks and not just surviving but thriving, Hern is killing viable babies older than that. Why? Because the law allows him to and since this generation is so incessantly selfish, women are killing preborn infants because they are not ‘perfect’. Haven’t you noticed there aren’t so many Down syndrome children?

Hern complains about anti-abortion protesters saying they are domestic terrorists. How can you come to that conclusion when you’re snuffing out entire generations legally under ‘settled law’? But most recently, a Washington state man was given 5 years probation for threatening Hern. I wonder how many children died that day at Hern’s hand. Who is the terrorist? How does Hern justify this thing? He vehemently decries foul to Prolifers that want to save lives, the ones that stand outside his office praying peacefully while he’s behind bullet proof windows counting his blood money. But I do wish him Jesus.


One thought on “A Season to Kill

  1. Is viability in the eyes of the beholder? It is to Warren Hern….it helps his bank account. Get out and VOTE PROLIFE November 2!!

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