Being on Facebook I see a lot of profiles of prospective ‘friends’. I go right to their political and religious views to see what they’re really made of. Anyone can talk the talk but what is the basis of what you really believe?

One of the most confusing combinations is the Democrat Christian. I wish you could see me shaking my head and drawing in a long, deep, troubling breath. Maybe 50 or more years ago the Democrat Christian was not only possible but the norm, especially in the South. That was before Roe v Wade and the political blunder of legalized on-demand abortion. But now the Democrat Christian is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You can’t have it both ways. Their view on Life is a bit cloudy.

The story of Barack Obama should be your warning shot. He believes himself to be a Christian but puts in bloated ideology within legislation that does not protect Life at any age or gestation. That being said, we are seeing more Democrat Christians running for office and expecting Conservatives to give them a second look because of their Christianity. Unfortunately, Christianity can be as ambiguous as political views. Every Christian that is part of secularism of any kind has their own agenda with their own beliefs – whatever benefits them, not the Kingdom.

The abortion agenda is forefront and will weed out the men from the boys in the political realm. You cannot be a Christian and a Democrat – you are either prolife from natural conception to natural death or you are anti-Life, period. There are no maybes or what ifs when it comes to Life.

Truly, there is only one reason a person can be a Democrat Christian: to get a leg up financially, politically and to be considered equal in the eyes of the government regarding everything from gay marriage to sharia law.

The lives of millions of children are in the balance. Vote Pro Life, not pro YOU.

One thought on “You can’t have it both ways.

  1. Remember, Democrats that consider themselves Pro Life are only Pro Life under the guise of their own suspected ‘christian’ view and has distinct limitations. Example: voting for the any part of Obama health reform is a vote for you and I paying for abortion under ‘pre-existing’. Most Democrats cave and end up supporting this heinous thing to benefit those that voted for him/her instead of remembering their personal view of Life – whatever that is.

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