We, the People, waited with anticipation for the election results this past Tuesday. With every win we woohooed and yahooed. But the much more mature Conservative knows this is not just the beginning but a much anticipated do-over.

I can hand out my kudos but truly, that is a little presumptuous. I am a results oriented person, and if you’ve ever been in sales, you know that when there is activity there will be results. As true a statement as that is, remember that good activity gets good results; great activity begets great results. Do we have the hired guns to get the great results this time?

Then arose a new hybrid of the Democrat, the ProLife Democrat AND the Christian Democrat. What ever gets the job done, eh? Well, not around here it doesn’t. I’ve said too many times, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, get a much closer look because it’s probably a progressive democrat in a duck suit.

There was a lot of crying foul, too. An article said that not many women were voted in this election which is a true statement. The reason being is they are ProChoice Progressive Democrats and as a nation, we are done with the Democrat agenda and the ProChoice agenda. So, true enough, not many women Democrats won because their agenda was not one of Life but of death. Planned Parenthood and NARAL paid a lot of money to secure a tight Democrat win, money they attained from the death of unborn children which some of our taxes paid for.

Some think it’s a good compromise to ‘settle’ for a democrat that says they are prolife and Christian. Again, look at their activity; did they vote for Obamacare? Did they vote for Life? Was there activity sporadic or typical for them? Have we forgotten what Democrats Rep. Bart Stupak and Senator Ben Nelson did? They caved under White House pressure instead of standing up to the promises they made.

Barak Obama is one of many examples of the Democrat Christian. We all saw the debacle with his pastor – first Rev. Wright was his pastor, then he wasn’t – whatever gets the vote. Christians are commanded to be prolife, period….even if you’re the President to the United States.

And finally, another bit of election news comes at kind of a slap in the face of common sense; at least 9% of the young people that voted last election (2008) did not get out and vote this election. But they came out in droves to vote for Obama. What does that tell us? We neglected a sect of people that can flip this turtle on its back again. In recent polls most young people are more prolife than ever before, but they still voted for Obama. Apparently, the distinction of what Life actually is and that it was ‘cool’ to vote for Obama was too tough for our young people to discern.

The synopsis is this: Conservatives are already two steps back since the 2008 election and we need to converge and get with it if we want our country to continue to be free. Every American is promised freedom…at every age and gestation – without compromise.


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