I have written previously about where our money goes regarding selling abortion. There are lists and lists of companies and corporations to boycott and write letters to. But, there is something in just about everyone’s abode that funds abortion every time we buy one, upgrade it….it’s your computer. And it’s mine.

Bill & Melinda Gates of Microsoft pump millions of dollars from their foundation to fund abortion overseas and in the United States. Bill Gates father was once the head of Planned Parenthood and his mother headed up the United Way. At this time, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation believe that “Family planning is a cost-effective way to save the lives of women and children, and it empowers families to determine the optimal timing and spacing of births. And, that includes abortion.

So the question is this: how do I boycott my computer?

You don’t. I looked at site after site and they all said ‘never buy from them again’ to ‘throw it out’. If we did that, then we would have to turn off cable television, throw away cell phones, etc. What do we do? Thoughtfully consider what would give God the glory in this (or any) situation.

As I am writing this article using their hardware and software, I am giving the devil himself a black eye. What I do, I do in Jesus name always. I give glory to God for providing the tools I use to have a ministry on the internet to purposefully, even if one at a time, save the lives of unborn children. I consider the fact that everything comes full circle, including typing along on my laptop that was supported by two people that mean to destroy life by the millions. And to let you know what my affect has been on abortion on my two computers – I’ve had to replace the hard drives four times.

By the way, your Mac is compromised, too.

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