I know you’ve read the story regarding the babies found at a Buddhist temple in Thailand, millions have. Abortion is illegal there except in rape, incest and when life of the mother is in jeopardy. In a way it’s an oxymoron…Thailand has one of the strongest sex trade industries in the world but abortion is illegal. Pro choicers will argue that their government should see the folly and allow abortion, you know…for the woman’s health. In fact – let’s get the United States to pay for it like they do everywhere else in the world! Do they ever see the obvious? Shut down the sex trade industry that caters to child rapists and every kind of perversion!

Still, be prepared for the argument – if Thai women had access to legal child killing this wouldn’t be an issue. Take a closer look at the photo and you’ll notice these were babies that were in or nearly in their third trimester of gestation to have been large enough to be individually put in white trash bags. In fact, it would be the opinion of many that a lot of these babies’ mothers are not from Thailand. Bad news travels faster than good; it stands to reason that this woman (and others like her) did these illegal second and third term abortions was quite well known all over Asia and probably the world. And maybe these were babies that the temple workers didn’t get to and many other nameless babies have been cremated certainly for years before this was found out.

I’m sure we’ll never know the whole story, but we know enough to be aware that the issue with third term abortioners is not inclusive to the U.S. What should be a concern is who else in America is doing this horrific thing unnoticed?

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