A life worthy is in the eye of the beholder…who’s the ‘beholder’? Clearly not the preborn child.

It’s the opinion of MILLIONS that children that have resulted in rape and incest should not be born. How could a child ever be loved that was conceived in a way that they had nothing to do with?

It is the opinion of MILLIONS that children that have Down syndrome should be aborted because they would have to be cared for by someone else and/or the government anyway.

It is the opinion of MILLIONS that surplus children conceived in petri dishes by greedy self absorbed ‘parents’, sometimes frozen for years, should be used for heinous science experiments instead of just thrown away as trash.

I knew a woman that had an adulterous affair with a policeman. She got pregnant and it was the decision of the woman AND her husband to abort the innocent child. After all, what would their neighbors and friends think?

The reason why we don’t see as many Down syndrome children as there used to be is because of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (if IVF is used)and amniocentesis. This does not just pick on Down syndrome; if you’ve ever known a pregnant woman over 35, they will tell you that their doctor offered testing for all abnormalities to the unborn fetus (I hate that word). I was pregnant at 36 and declined the test. It wasn’t for me to know, it was for God to determine.

I have seen strands and strands of comments on embryonic stem cell research from the University of Michigan Facebook page that would horrify anyone that is slightly prolife. Incredibly, at least 90% of the commenters (and there were hundreds) were decidedly for the chance that one adult may live or be able to walk while it might have taken thousands of preborn children’s lives to pay for it.

A life less worthy is a life easier to murder and the audacity of it is in the hands of the world.

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