KeepLifeLegal is all about lifting up the Post Abortive Woman and Unborn Civil Liberties. But the issue of Life is far more than that. Our civil liberties and right to a Life that is godly and protected is on the hinge. We have somehow become the minority because of TOLERANCE.

A friend of mine reminded me of this: while talking with someone, are their eyes looking to the left or right? Left is creative (lying) and right is memory (truth). Well anyway, I found it interesting that it coincides with how CREATIVE Democrats try to be with our money, our families, our children and our way of life. Recently while watching television and researching on the web I’ve observed subliminal ‘rainbows’ are showing up a lot in advertisements and noticeably. Intent and perception is far and above truth and reality.

Americans consider themselves either religious or spiritual. A recent article poses that it’s the spiritual Americans that are tolerant of any wind of doctrine and as a result, the traditional family is taking a back seat to the Gay Agenda. Religious Americans regard Life as sacred and marriage as a covenant while spiritual people are being pulled around by the nose via the Progessive Left.

This past election has been very interesting, particularly in California where most people consider themselves spiritual, not religious. An article depicts how Barbara Boxer won the election – money and lots of it. She had the money to buy more air time and thus, was able to reach more people. What does this tell you? It says that people that believe themselves to be tolerant spiritual people are wagging their tails to anything that seems…progressive. Spirituals believe we are still evolving into some kind of asexual super race.

Accepting the evolution of same sex marriage is against God and against biblical procreation. Our civil liberties are slowly being taken away and replaced with TOLERANCE. Incredibly, if we were to accept this then the population of the entire world would slowly kill itself off…same sex unions cannot procreate and liberal women abort their unborn children. Think of it…if the entire world became TOLERANT right now, in less than 100 years there would be no humans left in the world.

Now isn’t that CREATIVE.

Get off the couch and stand up for LIFE. If the religious right doesn’t, then no one will.

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