As you all may know, I scan and research articles in newspapers frequently to find news and opinion on the subject of Life. Right now, there is a lot of legislation on the table regarding when an unborn child can feel pain to curb late-term abortioners. What is unfortunate is that we have to pick away at abortion like this to get to the eventual goal – an abortion-free society. It is true, an unborn child can feel pain and there is evidence that a child pulls away from the abortioners instruments. I hate that we have to tiptoe around prochoicers. It’s wrong and demeaning. They certainly don’t mind stomping around congress and the senate.

Viability has been the agenda of the prochoicer since 1973. Through science they try to make the American public believe that a faceless bunch of cells is either a parasite or nonhuman altogether. Science is flawed and especially since it leans against the theory of evolution. But if you think it out loud, evolution should make a Godless person understand that bunch of shapeless cells ‘evolve’ into the baby that will eventually be outside of the womb. Even when I was a Godless Democrat, I understood a pregnant woman is pregnant the ENTIRE pregnancy.

So while I am thankful for the little victories in the House and Senate, it is not enough. Millions of unborn children are dead because of ‘settled law’. The law should never dictate when or if a person should have Life. People that have voted for this have clearly been born – their parents chose Life. Is this irony or an oxymoron, I wonder.

As we creep along a state at a time trying to outsmart this agenda, we need to remember that abortion is wrong no matter how small.

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