The democrats see abortion as a social issue and republicans see it as a political issue. Since abortion became law in 1973, it became political which means we have to deal with law, not moral objection. Prolifers have a harder road ahead of them because of implications we have to deal with while democrats just take our tax money to pay for what we abhor. I wonder how much longer abortion clinics would stay open if there was no tax money to pay for it. I’m still baffled how Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit that makes a lot of money from killing American children. PP’s president makes just under 400K per year that taxes help pay for! Could you imagine if the government had cancer clinics all over the United States funded by tax dollars to defeat and treat people with cancer? But it’s cheaper to kill our kids instead of treating cancer.

Out of political correctness we are changing abortion law one teeny step at a time; ultrasound law, parental notification law, etc. And as important as these steps are, we are forgetting that we are only holding back what might be inevitable: the killing of unborn Americans. We need to change the WHOLE law of abortion and the hearts of Americans. For as purposeful as a prolifer’s heart is, there is always the prochoicer that will be there to stop it. There are states that have current antiabortion laws but the ACLU continues in the appeals process to stop what has been voted upon.

Do you really believe that Prolifers are not noticing how prochoicers have to make a patchwork quilt out of Roe v Wade? Do you understand that millions a millions of dollars are at the ready to stop Prolifers? When you have people like Bill & Melinda Gates with an open check book with multi-millions at the ready, how do we abolish this law? One precious Life at a time, one woman at a time, one beating heart at a time. Money can’t buy that. This nation has to come back to God and the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to change the evil heart of Man.

After Roe v Wade, we as a nation have seen the bruised eye of the Supreme Court even though they can’t seem to understand why their face hurts. Abortion law has taken America to a level of low that even the entire world has noticed and is mimicking: prochoicers will and can kill our unborn children, because they can.


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