Part 1

In 1973, Roe v Wade was passed into law because of a ‘woman’s right to privacy’; this was not an abortion law per se, it was a huge smoke screen to force the Supreme Court to look at a right to privacy as a Constitutional right instead of making states decide ‘choice’. And all it took was one woman to change our entire country into a baby killing enterprise.

Most of us bloggers and writers have the new numbers from Planned Parenthood, year ending June of 2009. The figures are staggering, more so than usual. After scanning the report briefly with my husband last night, I came to this conclusion: Americans pay a steep 1/3 of every abortion performed at every PP clinic in these United States.

Revenue is reported as:

  • Clinic income: 37%
  • Private donors: 28%
  • ‘Other’ (?): 2%

The actual dollar amounts of income are this:

  • Clinic: $404.9 MILLION
  • Private: $209.2 MILLION
  • ‘Other’ (??): $20 MILLION

“With a new pro-choice president elected and working in the White House, and with strong allies in leadership positions in Congress, 2008–09 was a momentous year for Planned Parenthood. We made great strides in achieving our vision of a world in which all women have the health care they deserve, as well as the information, options, and power they need to shape their personal and family lives, including raising children who are wanted and loved.” – PPFA ANNUAL REPORT 2008-2009

With this understanding, PP has no problem telling a woman how to plan her family as long as it involves ‘sexuality’ training, contraceptives and abortion. Nowhere will PP tell women or minor boys and girls to NOT have sex; instead PP shows them how to put a condom on a artificial penis and tells them it’s okay to have homosexual sex. Again, taxpaying Americans are paying for 1/3 of this.

As of November 2010, the guard has changed. No longer can PP depend on the dollar amounts that Obama promised, newly elected Conservatives are interested in family and honor and will not stand for our money being spent on the largest killer of Americans – ABORTION. So while Cecile Richards was happy with PPFA numbers in this recent report, it does not reflect an incoming Conservative Congress that will change the face of abortion.

Never for one minute think that ONE VOTE does not matter; never think that what YOU can do isn’t enough. Remember, it took one woman and two power hungry attorneys to make abortion legal in our country.

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