TODAY the door to abortion is open WIDE in Faith-Based hospitals.

Emergency only, life of the mother…really? And whose opinion would it be to make a decision to destroy a life in an emergency situation? Doctor Somebody, Sister So-and-so, Mister Boyfriend? If I have understood this correctly, a pregnant woman can be unconscious in the ER of a faith-based hospital and a decision of aborting her unborn child is now not a decision for her to make? But Sister Whoever from the ‘ethics’ committee can make it for you.

Last MAY, wrote:

“…According to the medical directives that the hospital follows, abortion is defined as the directly intended termination of pregnancy, and it is not permitted under any circumstances – even to save the life of the mother…..On the other hand, a second directive says that “operations, treatments and medications that have as their direct purpose the cure of a proportionately serious pathological condition of a pregnant woman are permitted . . . even if they will result in the death of the unborn child.”

Did you know there is a little known ism in some Catholic ran hospitals regarding abortion that says IF the unborn child dies as a RESULT of an emergency surgery or procedure, it is not an abortion, just an unfortunate incident?

“The Catholic Church forbids abortion in all circumstances and allows the termination of a pregnancy only as a secondary effect of other treatments…”

Right now these hospitals say abortion is a last resort, on an emergency basis only – but how much longer before abortion is on-demand in faith-based hospitals? Remember, 70%ish of women that abort claim to be Christian, a lot of them Catholic. Would a woman in crisis rather go to a big Catholic hospital she trusts or a sleazy clinic?

The government, since 2008 of course, has been trying to force faith-based hospitals to perform abortions. I think that since all of the brouhaha of forced health care we have also forgotten the Freedom of Choice Act would have opened that door quite wide to forcing abortion on all faith- based hospitals and their staff, regardless of affiliation or faith of the staff member.

So while prolifers pray and council in front of sleazy abortion clinics, I see now we have to focus on hospitals.

As I have said multiple times in the past, it took only ONE woman to change what has happened to this particular ‘Catholic’ hospital. ONE.

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