While reading an article in the NY Post about embryonic stem cell therapy, I’m in a quandary of emotions. This story is about a blind child that doctors think will benefit from an injection of embryonic stem cells in his eyes. While that is blatantly WRONG because of the obvious implications of destroying life to maintain another, but has anyone thought of how this child will react when he is old enough to understand that a child or children DIED for his recovery? Will his parents keep him under a cloud lies of what life is – something to use if you need it and destroy if you don’t?

While people are reading this article and MFing President Bush for putting a stop to the carnage of embryonic stem cell research and therapy, their awareness of LIFE is only on the ones living outside the womb and is sadly misinformed.

Understand, these ‘trials’ are just that, trials – not proven. Unborn children are dying because of a huge ‘maybe’ and a hope that it MIGHT work; but even if it were true that embryonic stem cells cure, it’s still an atrocity, evil and most importantly, MURDER.

Again, just because the federal government approves it or passes laws for it, it does not mean it is correct or right. And like abortion, this is a brutal attack on LIFE of the unborn. Think of it way they do: the embryos they are abusing are ‘donated’ (really??) and without a womb so that must mean that it’s a fair ball. But like abortion, it is an attempt to rid the world of babies that aren’t important; this is clearly eugenic in nature.

LIFE isn’t without a price – to God and the biotechs that push embryonic stem cell research and therapy.

One thought on “Life without a Womb

  1. I find it beyond reason why people cannot get a grip on the beginning of life–
    Have we gotten so intelligent (?) that we reason rather then think….we deduce rather then make decisions based on fact and not opinion.
    When did this nation begin to think that the founding fathers were a bunch of men who wrote our foundational documents in 5 minutes with no thought to the future?
    We have left the BASICS of God’s word and the BASICS of our establishing doctrines to use situational ethics as our guide.
    God Bless America and God Bless you!

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