Moderate Prolifers are mostly interested in LIFE outside the womb; they have no regard for embryos being dissected for research, children with abnormalities are without use, and poor women have no business having another child on their tax dime. The Moderate Prolifer can’t fathom that they were once ‘unborn’ and they are alive today because their parent(s) chose LIFE.

A Letter to the Editor of the NYT (1/7/11) relayed a very moderate approach, if any at all, to LIFE whilst in the womb: [excerpt] “New Yorkers, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, recognize that abortion is a necessary part of any comprehensive reproductive health program. Nationwide, only 14 percent of Catholics believe that abortion should be illegal, and Catholic women, who make up a quarter of the United States population, represent a quarter of United States abortion patients.” – Jon O’Brien, President, Catholics for Choice.

I’d like to know how he did his calculations; his math doesn’t jive with stats from either side of the LIFE fence; catholic women make up over 32% of all abortions.

My personal experience with abortion and the Catholic Church is this: It’s okay for everyone else, but not for themselves or their family otherwise it creates stigma to the family; it’s okay to abort, but NEVER talk about it. Catholics like O’Brien want others to have ‘choice’ to alleviate the government’s load and keep poor and homeless mothers out of their pockets.

Experience creates knowledge…without experience you have no knowledge. Mr. O’Brien has NO knowledge or experience of abortion, like most prochoicers and Moderate Prolifers.

How can anyone that associates themselves with God in ANY fashion be prochoice? But many do. With Catholics, it is understood that times are changing so they bend and buckle to the world and forget the basics in doctrine. This is exactly why I left the Catholic Church; I couldn’t stand how moderate the church is in just about everything. Justification of sin is an art form.

Not without my personal experiences could I assume anything, but with my experience I can stand up and say out loud what we as Evangelical Christians need to do for the cause for LIFE….stand together as one with the Lord to preserve what He has Created.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

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