A recent headline in CNN and Reuters said, “Women who have had a first-trimester abortion are no more likely to seek psychiatric care after the procedure than before — but the risk of a mental health problem increases if the woman gives birth, new research shows.”

Garbage….filthy, stinking propaganda garbage. That study was not done in the United States besides the fact that IT DOESN’T HOLD WATER because of the vast holes in it. But it will get plenty of liberal media play.

I am so glad Reuters ironed that out for me! And all this time I mourned the loss of my child from abortion to a horrific lifestyle, addictions, etc….I GUESS I JUST WASTED MY TIME?

The psychological impact from abortion is real. I am a witness to the trauma of being post abortive and so are millions of other women that have succumbed to the lie that the blob of tissue was not a human child.

If a woman has absolutely no repercussions of any kind after her abortion, whether it happened last week or 30 years ago, then she has no regard for any kind of LIFE; her own, her family…she is not stoic, she is dead inside and I have to wonder if she could ever love anybody at all.

I practically lost consciousness after this: “….The researchers said the results (of this bogus study) suggest that the risk factors for needing mental health services in girls or women who seek abortion probably predate the abortion and indeed may make termination of the pregnancy more likely.”

I get it now…all women who have aborted and showed regret, had depression, or psychosis, were in fact CRAZY before they aborted, thus needed counseling before the procedure and perhaps would not have aborted? Now that is INSANITY.

Pressure and coercion puts women and girls at risk for pre-marital sex and the likelihood of abortion. Rarely, if at all, does a woman or young girl WANT to get an abortion.

Counseling doesn’t change things, God does.

You may be post abortive and haven’t yet related your abortion to your symptoms: anxiety, depression, guilt, eating disorders, self degrading behaviors, addictions, etc. But I assure you, Post Abortion Syndrome is real, it has a face. Mine and millions of others.

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