Since this last November, Americans chose a ProLife America. We voted for our CHOICE to be a ProLife country. This has NAF, NARAL, PPFA (Planned Parenthood) and a host of others in a pinch and they know it. As I scan online newspapers daily I see Letters to the Editor from the likes of all of them all the time. They are running scared and are trying their level best to stay forefront for a woman’s right to choose murder for their unborn child. AND THEY NEED MONEY.

In PPFA’s own words, they received over $363 million dollars from us, the tax payer, to pay for abortions and contraceptives. They espoused their relationship with Barack Obama to gain further ground and get more funds and even expand clinics nation-wide. To their chagrin, the tables have turned. Their fat salaries that WE PAY are in jeopardy.

Ohio’s favorite son, Speaker of the House John Boehner, is on track to stop federal funding of abortions and particularly stop PPFA (and other providers) from getting one more red cent from taxpaying Americans. H.R. 3 says, and concisely I might add, that in no way should anyone in these United States pay for such a horrendous thing.

The ‘No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act’ is to right a listing ship that Obama tried to sink when he rescinded the Mexico City Policy the day after he took office. Since Roe v. Wade, every President has tackled the abortion issue the day after they take office. Abortion is addressed before jobs, the economy or the military.


Now it’s a priority to make it what it really is: MURDER.

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