Nothing that is made by God is imperfect – only the people that believe God to be imperfect and a Creator of imperfection – how it must grieve Him that people so casually distrust Him and make themselves ‘God’ in situations that He has always had control over. God always has a way, will make a way in every situation, even having a child with disabilities.

Why do pre-parents think they can only handle parenting a ‘well’ or ‘perfect’ child?

There is a new test to determine if an unborn child has Down syndrome much earlier in the pregnancy with just a simple blood test. Since the test is not intrusive to the unborn child, it is considered ‘safer’, unless it’s positive:

“However, the study raises important ethical questions about whether couples should be able to access genetic testing for a variety of traits — such as health or eye color — and whether the results will lead to an increase in abortions, thus thinning the ranks of certain kinds of people from the population.”

Like any other test there is always chance for a false-positive on a perfectly healthy unborn baby. Pre-parents think they’re doing a great big favor to the unborn baby with Down by taking his/her life in their hands and aborting. It’s evident that the pre-parents decide to abort because of THEIR instability, incapability, inconsistency and insensibility of taking care of another human being at all much less one that takes more work, more time and more love.

For women at 30 years of age, statistics show that 1 in 900 babies have Down syndrome.

So while science has given pre-parents another way of knowing more about their unborn child, it also gives them more ammo when considering abortion instead of LIFE.

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