About 40% of all pregnancies are ‘unintended’ – not unwanted. But all things considered, how hard is it for an unborn child to see Life on the outside?

  • 10 – 25% of unborn babies will miscarry.
  • 25% of unborn babies are aborted.

Real statistics are not available because of the privacy laws enacted via Roe v Wade. Truly, many more abortions are taking place and we are paying for them. The back-alley abortion scenario has not stopped; doctors that lost their licenses or have suspended licenses often do abortions in unequipped, dirty offices and are known by word of mouth only. Established abortion ‘doctors’ train these people to do what Gosnell has been doing.

What happened in Philadelphia opened a dialog for women that have been hurt and permanently scarred all over the country and other doctors and clinics that have been associated with Gosnell.

Ignorance is no excuse. Neither is inconvenience or tragedy.

  • 90% of unborn babies ‘diagnosed’ with Down syndrome will be aborted.
  • Less than 1% of abortions are a result of rape.

With a Life in the balance, circumstances are still more important than the beating heart of a baby.

Then I thought about unborn children cryogenically frozen in time, sometimes for years, because of selfish pre-parents. A frozen embryo’s chance of survival either before or after implantation is not good, to say the least:

  • Around 50% of frozen embryos survive thawing.
  • About 2/3 of ‘thawed’ embryos either miscarry or fail to implant.
  • Pre-parents have designated 3 % of all frozen embryos for research.

Abortion stats vary from 3000 to 4000 per day in the United States – just from surgical abortion – not failed IVF’s, RU486 (abortifacients), research…how many unborn children die per day? Only God knows. My mind can’t wrap around that kind of math.

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