Rep. Debbie Schultz of Florida’s 20th district gives the battle cry of how America as we know it will shudder and collapse if we don’t have Planned Parenthood. Interestingly, there is no reason to have Planned Parenthood or Title X. We have Medicaid and other government supported clinics and facilities. I know this because I had to go to one of these clinics when I was pregnant in 1981. Not only did I not know there was such a thing as Planned Parenthood back then, but neither did my friends or family, and St. Louis is a pretty big city.  I was 19 years old with no health insurance and never dawned the doorstep of a Planned Parenthood facility.

Rep. Schultz, women’s health is not just from the waist down. Your ‘opinion’ doesn’t hold water or truth, only conjecture.

So the Democratic cry of keeping Planned Parenthood is just a wedge in the door of keeping abortion legal instead of keeping LIFE legal, plain and simple…PERIOD.

While at a prayer vigil this last week at the local Planned Parenthood facility, a couple of teenage girls came out and chanted, “FREE BIRTHCONTROL!!” Parents, you pay for this place, through your tax dollars, to give your daughters and granddaughters contraceptives without your knowledge or permission. The reason why they go to Planned Parenthood is because there are no questions asked and none expected…and it’s FREE, to them.

Psalm 10:8 “He sits in the lurking places of the villages; in the secret places he murders the innocent; his eyes are secretly fixed on the helpless.”

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