We should be intolerant – to the thousands of abortion deaths that happen every day. According to Rep. Jackie Speier:

“In our nation’s political dictionary ‘abortion’ is a word employed by intolerant people to cast shame on women who choose it.”

INTOLERANT: adj – not able or willing to tolerate or endure. (World English Dictionary)

Democrats that support abortion are intolerant to a living soul inside of the womb; there are no legal rights to support an unborn child’s right to being born outside of the womb, the only legal right the unborn child has is the right to die at the hand of the mother and the abortion doctor.

THAT is consistent with being ‘intolerant’.

Liberal Democrats, particularly women, espouse how ‘tolerant’ and ‘diverse’ they are while they send their children to private school. Their world is inconsistent to what God wants and what the Bible teaches. Their intolerant, diverse world is not only immoral and corrupt; it’s evil and has no place. They are no different than Herod or Nero. And like them, they will see to the demise of anything holy and righteous, such as traditional marriage, the natural family, and civil rights for the unborn – our most basic rights as humans.

A liberal’s ‘diversity’ is not diverse at all; it’s a show of a kind of prowess to ideas that are not their own. Most Liberal Democrat women have never had an abortion or have been faced with a crisis pregnancy. Instead of showing their diversity to endure the situation, they’d rather kill it and forget about it.

What happened to Rep. Speier was a miscarriage and she used her experience to hush the House saying she had an abortion. Shame on you.

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