“This amendment has nothing to do with the deficit. It is an attack by one congressman on one organization.” — Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Connecticut Democrat.

While watching the debate last week, I saw how this ‘woman’ continued to badger modest speaking Republicans with her back handed comments. I also noted how when Democrats spoke, their peers behind them were texting and snickering; the Republican side stated their case while an expressionless Mike Pence listened respectfully. Democrats, particularly women, are loud – not outspoken – with their dogma and rhetorical dirges.

Throw the American people a bone…have an original thought: “Now, I have been and will always be a strong and unyielding believer in a woman’s fundamental right to choose. This is a belief I share with a majority of the American people, who continue to support Roe v. Wade and who oppose making it harder for women to get an abortion.” So, in stating her case, it is a BELIEF, not truth. It is her own personal agenda to further abortion and the right to kill on demand.

Regarding the Pence Amendment, DeLauro said, “This is part of a Republican agenda to force women back into traditional roles with limited opportunities.” About half of all babies that die from abortion are girls; destined to become women THUS had limited opportunities that were forced upon them, as a fundamental right of someone else, while being aborted.

DeLauro, who is a lifelong Catholic, has spoken out against the Catholic Church when it threatened in 2004 to deny communion to lawmakers who favor abortion rights.

I don’t agree with the Catholic doctrine, but rules are rules…if you believe that abortion is truly a RIGHT to the American public, you may NOT partake of communion and should have been excommunicated. But this is one of my fundamental differences with the Catholic Church; they’re getting wishy-washy with basic doctrine. Women like DeLauro and Pelosi need to turn in their rosaries and missals.

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