Is human-hood of an unborn child a ‘religious’ issue? Or is it political? None of the above:

Conception is a scientific fact of when life begins – when fertilization of a human ovum has taken place, AT THAT MOMENT a human has been created.

I have to say that I was horrified when I heard a Christian woman I know (used to know…) say that an unborn child is a ‘product of conception’. How do you combat God’s people when they don’t know or care when life begins? I can go in several directions here…is it the church’s fault, fault of the believer, their peers? Who dropped the ball? Interestingly, I went to the same church she does and Life has always been professed as beginning at conception because that is how God works. God does not do just part of a job. So in this instance, it is her own ignorance and stupidity.

The term ‘product of conception’ is widely used by the abortion industry to keep the pregnant woman from believing her unborn child is a baby, not a ‘blob of tissue’. This term was also used my Nancy Pelosi during the healthcare debate to defeat the view that Life begins at conception and to keep abortion in national healthcare.

Choice is a private decision? Abortion affects four people: the baby, the baby’s mother, the baby’s father and God, the Creator of LIFE. A private decision? No.

I recently read a Facebook post that said, “A rape victim that had gotten an abortion once said, I have nearly forgotten about the rape but the abortion will haunt me forever.” Yes, children conceived in rape are children, not a product of conception.

I also heard a prominent person in the Church say (with my own ears, mind you) that in the case of rape, THEN can abortion be a choice. Again, it is an effective caste system of who has more of a right to be born.

The government spoke loudly when Roe v Wade became law…and the truth that not one of the Supreme Court Justices that voted for Roe actually knew OR admitted when Life begins. The right to privacy superseded the right to Life.

It’s going to take a long, long time to unravel Roe and the mindset that it created. But unravel it, we will. The truth of Life will eventually make Roe a memory.

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