Prolife legislation on the table in Ohio is the Heartbeat Bill (HB 125). This bill is to outlaw abortion if the heartbeat of the unborn child can be detected. HB 125 has 50 sponsors in a 99 member house – a win-win I’d say.

Ultrasound is powerful. It shows the humanity of the unborn child. It makes known that this ‘blob of tissue’ is alive and literally kicking.

There were many people in the Ohio House that day that had never heard a fetal heartbeat nor have seen an actual, live ultrasound of an unborn child for the first time.

People’s lives change because of the advent of ultrasound, particularly for Dr. Bernard Nathanson. He was an OB/GYN that oversaw over 75K abortions in his career. He was one of the founding members of National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). Dr. Nathanson worked to get abortion legalized in the ’70’s. But one day, he saw an ultrasound of a real-time abortion. He saw the mouth of the unborn child open in a silent scream. Dr. Nathanson not only became a prolifer, but he narrated and directed the movie ‘The Silent Scream’ with National Right to Life, wrote ‘Hand of God’, and filmed, narrated and directed ‘Eclipse of Reason’ depicting late-term abortion in detail.

Nathanson developed what he called the ‘vector theory of life’, which states that from the moment of conception, there exists ‘a self-directed force of life that, if not interrupted will lead to the birth of a human baby.’

Imagine my shock to learn that Ohio Right to Life is not supporting this bill: “The heartbeat bill will not save any babies’ lives because it will not be upheld in court,” said Michael Gonidakis, executive director of Ohio Right to Life. “The court has said there can be no bans on pre-viability abortions.”

The irresponsibility of that statement is detrimental to what we work for to put an end to abortion. Every itty bitty step, regardless of anything, is a step in the RIGHT direction in making the unborn child a living, developing human baby.

Ultrasound and heartbeat legislation is a significant step to show a pre-abortive mother exactly what she is considering killing – a living human being.

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