I’ve been asked to testify before the Ohio House next week from a post abortive view of the abortion industry. In my journey, I have walked and talked about something that I think about every day – the child that I no longer have. Regret and grief never go away, but it does get tolerable, thank God. The memory brings me back to pointing fingers of blame to the people that wanted me to ‘get rid of it’; my mother, my friends, the baby’s father, family. It’s incredible, if you want a few extra bucks in your pocket all you have to do is say you’re pregnant.

My testimony this next week will be forever in Ohio history. What I have to say will be part of the fight to make killing unborn humans illegal. Will I see Roe overturned in my lifetime? Maybe. But I’m not willing to back down anytime soon.

HOW are we going to beat this scourge called abortion?

I still maintain that we have to change the heart of the pre-abortive mom, to change her thinking on what is really going on in her body. I can’t believe how ignorant women are about pregnancy – how is it that anyone thinks that a woman is NOT pregnant her entire pregnancy? From the time her egg is fertilized, she’s got a brand spankin’ new human in her womb.

I’ve touched on this subject from a Christian point of view, a secular point of view and a scientific point of view. Whichever view you choose to gaze upon, it’s still the same – Life begins at conception.

Think of that, Life begins at conception. All Life – any pregnancy, no matter the circumstance, everywhere in the world, ALL Life begins at conception.

A ‘prolifer’ recently said that rape victims make up only about 1% of all abortions, so if any legislation protects abortion rights for rape victims and victims of incest, it’s okay. Well then – that means that at least 550,000 unborn children were aborted simply because of their circumstance. That woman in not a prolifer, she’s a fair-weather friend.

It is a child’s right to live outside the womb. It is a woman’s right and obligation to see her pregnancy to term; it is man’s right and obligation to stand by her and his child. And the government needs to stay out of it.

We need to unravel what the abortion industry has done. The government made this monster over 38 years ago, now they need to make abortion illegal and more importantly, unprofitable.

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