A prochoicer wrote, “When wishes trump science, when desire pushes data aside, pseudoscience reigns.” It is their wish that we Prolifers would just go away while the holocaust continues.

Yep…and if horses were wishes, beggars would ride.

Ironically, I got this from a guy that says there is no science data regarding the abortion/breast cancer link and Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. For one thing, he is WRONG.

Let’s be scientific specific: If a woman experiences a ‘spontaneous’ abortion, she actually had what is commonly called a ‘miscarriage’. In this scenario, the woman’s body knows before she does that her baby will not survive. However, when a surgical or medical abortion is obtained, the ‘doctor’ has stopped the woman’s body from being pregnant to being not pregnant thus throwing her hormones into a tornado-like effect inside her body. Her body is now in a kind of state of ‘shock’ from the procedure and is trying to keep up with trying to get back to normal. In this process, breast tissue is particularly affected.

Getting back to pseudoscience…

Incredibly, prochoicers are the worst offenders of this ‘practice’ of conjuring up ‘data’. For instance, while researching Post Abortion Stress Syndrome, it’s blatantly obvious where they get their ‘data’…from participating abortion facilities. Their data says, “There is no such thing as Post Abortion Stress Syndrome – even after two years women do not have symptoms and most do not regret their decision to abort”.

It would take me ten minutes to conjure up a bunch of young women that are card carrying feminists that have aborted and don’t care that they took the life of an unborn child.

A nice bit of brainwashing, eh? The last ‘study’ I read about not only said women must have been nuts before their abortion to be nuts after it, but also pointed to women that had children that have the same issues. According to THEM, having children at all makes us crazy. And by THEM I mean so-called scholars and experts in Europe, not the United States. Again, PSEUDOSCIENCE.

Women that are Post Abortive almost always regret the choice that they made. They are sorrowful and full of grief and shame and they are scared to death to talk about it. It’s their ‘dirty little secret’ that no one knows but them. It takes YEARS to come out of the closet and talk about it. Stigma is a foul stench.

There are stacks of real data regarding Post Abortion Stress Syndrome, reams and reams of it. A great source is the Elliot Institute as well as many others. What I really like about the Elliot Institute is that they cite every data source; no lying, no junk, no pseudoscience.

To all of my Post Abortive friends, there is real data and real stories, just like yours and mine. We are not alone.

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