Or, Let me people go.

There are all kinds of surveys and studies done on the issue of abortion, pro and con. We see online videos depicting a group of 20 somethings with pink hair screaming ‘Abortion without apology’ and then we see middle-aged people that stand outside of clinics peacefully praying and begging young women not to kill their baby.

And by the way, is it necessary to spit on or throw things at a peaceful prayer vigil outside of an abortion clinic? In the last few days, “A homemade incendiary device was thrown at one of the vigil participants, an elderly retired woman, by an assailant – as yet unidentified – as she walked on the public sidewalk near the abortion provider’s premises.”

There are protests that get ugly, not because of what they support, but in how they get their point across. Whatever happened to getting the fly with honey, not vinegar? In other words, we see ultra-liberals on one side of the gulf and conservatives on the other and we’re both trying to coax the women in the Great Gulf to come to ‘our’ side and fight for what’s right.

The studies and surveys that ‘We the People’ get to see are very one sided, taken from the top of the heap of your local Planned Parenthood. Why Planned Parenthood? Because ‘We the People’ paid for it. Besides the liberal junk we hear, we need all of the information, not just part of it. After abortion, no one in the Great Gulf wants to talk about it.

What we do see in newspapers and on television as average citizens regarding the abortion issue is not the whole story. There is a Great Gulf of people – mostly women – that won’t be heard because they are still under the bondage of coercion and shame.

Coercion is a major component of the act of abortion. Statistics say that at least 65% of women felt coercion or were forced to abort. What the average American thinks about that is the boyfriend told her to abort or else. It’s always the ‘boyfriend’. That can’t be further from the truth. Yes, boyfriends coerce – but so does friends, family, television and liberal propaganda, and sometimes (and this grieves me) their Church. Family is the worst offenders of coercive abortion. My mother was my offender. She is still in the Great Gulf also having suffered an abortion.

I remember being told that the crisis pregnancy center would show me pictures and movies to pressure me – to scare me – to abort anyway. And I believed them. THAT is what happens without Informed Consent Laws.

In a crisis situation, all we want as humans is someone to care and say ‘It’s gonna be alright’. It’s like having that dream when you’re being chased and chased and chased, and there’s somebody at every turn trying to hurt you, to kill you….and you finally wake up. With coercive abortion, you are wide awake in your nightmare.

Statistics say that at least 85% of women that aborted regretting their decision almost immediately. THAT is a Great Gulf.

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