Why shoot your own?

I’ve had the distinct privilege to testify for the HB 125, the Heartbeat Bill, here in Ohio. I’ve met the big-leaguers in the prolife world. I stand with those that understand when life begins and what WE THE PEOPLE need to do to unravel Roe. But all is not well, when there is that fly in the ointment.

The fly in question is a person that stands in the way of hearing the beating heart of your unborn child. He is a person that professes to be prolife. He heads up the Ohio Right to Life. I have to wonder what kind of agenda that the Ohio Right to Life’s Executive Director, Mike Gonidakis has. What is unfortunate is that he is not alone. How can that be? But this is a surety: Gonidakis is trying to divide the prolife world here in Ohio and may try the same in other states.

He is making Prolifers a laughing stock to the world and to prochoicers.

“Unfortunately the court has ruled that states can place limitations on post-viability abortions, but pre-viability there can be zero restrictions,” Gonidakis said, adding that the current makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court, with two recent appointments from President Obama, would not reverse that…..“We certainly don’t want the courts to reaffirm Roe (v Wade) with a decision in Ohio.” Columbus Dispatch, 2/8/11

How do you get from the Heartbeat Bill to reaffirming Roe? That is asinine.

As I have mentioned time and time again, we cannot get abolition of Roe until we get all the steps in a row, all steps.

How much longer can it take to stop the carnage of our unborn? This division is going to cost the lives of unborn children over a personality conflict instead of standing together as one to change this heinous thing called abortion.

I am disappointed in Gonidakis and his irresponsibility in this matter. He is personally setting the prolife effort BACK years in his decision not to back the HB 125 and to talk other directors of RTL chapters to do the same.

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