…cannot stand.

“The Republican speaker of the Ohio House and current Ohio Right to Life leaders have questioned passing a bill that could sparks years of expensive litigation.” USA Today, 3/29/11

It’s all about the money. Actually, I heard that come out of the mouth of another RTL executive director just a couple of days ago. The only reason I do not call out his name is because I am still hopeful he will see his error and change his opinion.

It’s certainly worth a ton of money to continue to keep abortion legal in the United States. Litigation and lobbying for abortion ‘rights’ cost money and it will cost money to unravel it, but what I find interesting is that most of the people I have met that support the Heartbeat Bill are doing so pro bono; when I testified I did so at my own expense, gladly.

Since when is human life considered too expensive to protect? What if our cities and towns thought it was too expensive to protect us from crime?

Mike Gonidakis of Ohio Right to Life is doing a disservice to all that fight for the unborn. His logic is backward, insensitive and completely irresponsible. Why is he pulling the plug on Life? Gonidakis saying “Leading national pro-life organizations stand with Ohio Right to Life and share its concerns over the constitutionality of this bill” is not entirely true. Gonidakis is actively recruiting other prolife organizations to discredit legislation HE has deemed not good enough.

Sadly, this is a good example of how making a bill to become a law works; regardless of how much common sense it may have or whomever supports it, some cretin with a degree will flex their knowledge of the law to do harm for no real reason other than to be argumentative, contrary and divergent to get the attention they think they deserve.

“He [Rep. Wachtmann] and other supporters dismissed concerns about legal strategy, saying that many anti-abortion laws have faced court challenges, and the fear of losing is a poor reason for not trying.” Columbus Dispatch, 3/30/11

Other supporters of the Heartbeat Bill say, “We are delivering to the Supreme Court an invitation to overturn Roe” and, “To predetermine a court outcome is not sound policy”.

House Bill 125, under consideration in the Ohio House of Representatives, would outlaw abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be medically detected, generally six to seven weeks [18 days] into a woman’s pregnancy.


  1. A person who intends to perform an abortion must determine whether there is the presence of a fetal heartbeat, according to standard medical practice.
  2. A person may not knowingly perform an abortion if a fetal heartbeat has been detected.
  3. A person who violates the prohibition is guilty of performing an abortion after the detection of a fetal heartbeat, a fifth degree felony.
  4. A person who intends to perform an abortion on a pregnant woman after detecting a fetal heartbeat must provide the woman, no later than 24 hours before the planned abortion, with the statistical probability of bringing the fetus to term.
  5. A pregnant woman who undergoes an abortion in violation of the prohibitions in the bill would not be subject to criminal or civil penalties.

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