Before you read this from the NYT, understand that they whole-heartedly monetarily support Planned Parenthood; being a public company the New York Times Company’s yearly report can be found online.

A New York Times editorial says in part:

“…With no local doctors willing to perform abortions, the sole provider of nonemergency abortions in the state, a Planned Parenthood clinic in Sioux Falls, flies in doctors from Minnesota once a week. The new law will further compound the hardship for low-income women who must travel long distances to reach the clinic and who will be forced to make several trips or arrange to stay away from home between appointments…….All women seeking abortions, including victims of rape and incest, will be forced first to attend a counseling session at one of the state’s crisis pregnancy centers. These are unregulated facilities run by private groups with the aim of discouraging abortions, typically by displaying graphic photos or with ideological or religious messages or medical misinformation about psychological or physical risks” NYT 3/31/11

Certainly the writer has their finger on the pulse of the pro-choice world and is trying to infuse our sensibilities with their rhetoric of how they interpret what we are better off knowing.

First, let me say that knowing Planned Parenthood is paying for out of state abortionists to ‘fly in’ really makes me mad; as a tax payer, this is on my dime. This is what our taxes pay for…..I mean continue to pay for since for whatever reason our government would rather pay for abortions than give seniors a raise in their Social Security payment – usually their ONLY income – that they haven’t gotten in 2 years.

“Advocates for the abortion industry have sought to portray efforts to defund Planned Parenthood as a ‘War on Women,’ but the issue is big business, and that business is abortion……the organization raked in $1.1 billion in total revenue. Of that amount, $363.2 million came from taxpayers in the form of government grants and contracts. While current law prohibits Planned Parenthood from directly using tax dollars on abortions, taxpayers subsidize its overall operation, freeing up funds that can be diverted to direct spending on abortion.” NRO/Mike Pence 3/31/11

Second, Informed Consent laws are favored by the American public by at least 85%. That means WE THE PEOPLE believes that we are smart enough to understand the implications of abortion on the onset as well as in the future and how we will be ultimately affected by it. Simply, the abortion industry wants women in the dark so that they can be talked into making one of the most detrimental decisions of our lives while enjoying a BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.

Third, calling a crisis pregnancy center ‘unregulated’ while the abortion industry continues to skirt the law NOT having required inspections if any at all, much less have the necessary staff, equipment and hospital privileges, is absurd. These ‘clinics’ are the modern back alley and the abortion industry created it.

Fourth, if a woman chooses to think that abortion is the answer, she needs to hear what the ramifications of what her decision would be for herself and her unborn child. Being informed, if nothing else is the fair thing to do for both mother and child.

I’ll bet when you want to buy a car, you test drive several, talk to friends and family, research the choices and then make an INFORMED DECISION. What the writer of the editorial in the NYT is saying is that there should be no other choice but abortion. Making an informed decision would be bad? It is for the INDUSTRY of abortion.

2 thoughts on “Intrusion or Intervention?

  1. I quit reading the Times a long time ago. And do you know why? Mostly ’cause I can’t see it to read it……..they’re too far to the Left!

    Thanks for taking on this important issue. But the one thing which stuck out to me is the following bit:

    The new law will further compound the hardship for low-income women who must travel long distances to reach the clinic and who will be forced to make several trips or arrange to stay away from home between appointments.

    They show absolutely no concern for the unborn child whatsoever. And what’s more is that their concern for women is obviously bogus, because they’re not too concerned about reporting the estimated 130,000 – 390,000 new mental health cases that arise every single year as a result of abortion. That’s right: between 10% – 30% of women who obtain an abortion will suffer some kind of mental health problem. And some estimates are even higher, because oftentimes, mental health issues don’t arise until many years later and go generally unstudied. I know a girl who had an abortion and suffered from severe depression. She went to her family doc who gave her a prescription and sent her on her way. No studies, no counseling, no reporting.

    And let’s not forget about all the fathers of aborted children who suffer subsequent mental health problems. I know, because I was one! I was 16 when it happened.

    The pro-abortion camp doesn’t give a damn about women, men, or children. They care about ideology and only ideology, which is why I am incapable of discussing the issue without becoming quite angry. Some of my liberal friends stay away from the topic because of it. Not a good way to be, but I can’t help; I’m infuriated by their apathy.

  2. I’ve never quite understood how equal rights for women became holding her uterus hostage. Since the ERA, women are cold, cruel and heartless. I have more on the subject that I will put together later. I really like your insight, particularly the man’s side of the prolife camp.

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