So seldom do I have the precious opportunity to read a newspaper editorial about the rights of the unborn child. Since the advent of the liberal woman, all that comes from these abortion advocates is how ignorant we are as women for being pregnant at sometimes the most unexpected times of our lives. There’s an app for that, it’s called abortion on demand.

On the left we have liberals that support the abortion agenda; on the right we have those that fight for the lives of unborn children that liberals wish to exterminate. In the middle, we have the Great Gulf of people that have been hurt, victimized, dehumanized, damaged and wounded because of abortion – women and men that struggle for the rest of their lives because of the ‘choice’ to abort.

The statistics are clear: at least 65% of abortions are coerced, 80% of women did not want an abortion; nearly 25% of pregnancies end in abortion. These victims of abortion stand in this Great Gulf and continue to suffer and lament because of ‘settled law’. Abortion was legalized but who is there to pick up the pieces of a grieving parent? The government pays for abortion but does nothing to help mend a broken heart; if the government did, then it would prove that abortion is not a ‘choice’, it’s killing an unborn child and they will never admit that.

Lawmakers are also in this Gulf trying to unravel bad law called Roe v. Wade. Current legislation in Ohio is trying to make informed consent laws deeper and more succinct…the H.B. 125, the Heartbeat Bill, will do exactly that; no abortion when a detectable heartbeat is found. A heartbeat means life to doctors, nurses, paramedics, and to all others in the health industry. How has that logic escaped abortion doctors and practitioners? How are they exempt from following the most basic medical evaluation of LIFE?

We can reduce the Great Gulf of victims with good legislation and unraveling bad law like Roe v. Wade. Abortion stops a beating heart, abortion kills an unborn child.

One thought on “Standing in the Great Gulf of the Abortion Divide

  1. You’ll notice the debate rarely centers around the child, the unborn human being. It simply can’t, because nobody – save someone afflicted with a level of delusion found in no medical book – could justify the barbaric act to themselves, let alone another person. To them, abortion doesn’t mean the death of a child, but the liberation of a woman.

    You’ll notice that most on the Left will scurry from the debate. Only hardcore pro-abortionists will engage you, me, or the next pro-lifer. Most on the Left are blissfully ignorant and would like to remain so. That’s what we have to change in order to change minds. Keep shoving reality in their face until they look; keep screaming reality at them until they remove their fingers from their ears and quit screaming “La-La-La!”

    That’s how you change “settled law.”

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