I was recently interviewed by the Dayton Daily News, my ‘hometown’ newspaper. I was asked this question, and it is a valid question. She asked:

“You were able or allowed to make the decision to abort and now you believe that no one should be able to have an abortion. How do you answer that?”

My short answer to her was simple: “I did not make the decision to abort, my mother did. Most abortions are coerced. In other words, girls and women are told by someone else to abort or else. In my case I was told to get out [of my home] and not come back until I decided to get the abortion.”

Here’s my long answer that the newspaper won’t see.

There is a question of entitlement here and I don’t feel that is the case, although pro-aborts do. I was NOT entitled to murder my unborn child even though the law says otherwise. As I told the interviewer, the law, Roe v. Wade, is bad law. I also said that Roe isn’t the only bad law in the land, but it is relevant to current events and my ministry.

Some statistics say that over 85 % of women that aborted did not want their abortion. Make sure you read that correctly: I did not say that she regretted it after the fact, but BEFORE she ever went to the abortion clinic. Coercion is a bullying tactic that takes a serious situation and amplifies it to the point that all you hear from everyone is that abortion is your only answer. What an ugly LIE!!

I remember hearing how abortion would make my life easier. The truth is that it did make life easier….for everyone else. It was an agenda that was against me and my baby from the start. I never wanted to abort – but I was led to believe that I would have a worthless life with an anchor that looked like a baby to hold me down forever. Lies, lies, lies.

Informed consent laws aren’t just for the mother; they are for the mother of the pregnant woman that just forcibly dragged her daughter into the abortion clinic. They are for the boyfriend or husband that beat up the mother until she relented to go to the clinic. They are for the ‘best friend’ that talked her into aborting. If the people that coerce pregnant women saw the ultrasound, waited the mandatory 24 hours or heard the precious heartbeat of the unborn child, perhaps most abortions wouldn’t happen.

Was I entitled to an abortion? NO. I was entitled to be a mother and it was stolen from me just as it has for millions and millions of women since 1973.

One thought on “Questions, questions.

  1. Isn’t it interesting that those who say abortion empowers women never mention the studies you allude to? They can’t, because it’s detrimental to their argument. Abortion is and always will be a cruel exploitation of women.

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