Get real: If it were true that Planned Parenthood provided only 3% of their income to abortion, then that is 3% too much. They can skew the numbers all they want but the real bottom line is this: Planned Parenthood and all other abortion providers kills unborn children for profit.

Planned Parenthood is so arrogant that they truly believe their own rhetoric – if they were not funded by the government anymore; there would not be ANYONE that the poor afflicted woman can go to for ‘health care’. Realistically, there are myriads of programs in every state in the United States that targets the poor for actual health care. And realistically, all the other programs that Planned Parenthood claims we have to use are only there because the federal government funds them, such as Title X. Get real and realistic: we pay for those programs BECAUSE of Planned Parenthood – do you really want to pay for another person’s birth control because THEY decided to have sex?

Planned Parenthood’s bread and butter is from the government and abortion, and the ‘right’ for people to have sex. The pro-choice argument is that if Planned Parenthood is defunded, the rate of abortions would go up, not down. Really. Sexually active people that had their free abortions and free birth control taken away would think twice before having sex again…it’s amazing how motivating it is NOT to have sex have when you have to pay for results of it.

Get real: Premarital sex was never sanctioned by God at any time in history. Because of the fall of Man, we pay every day for the sin of Man either directly or indirectly. It is assumed that sex is a ‘right’ or ‘entitlement’ instead of being what it is supposed to be – intimacy between a husband and wife.

But who will acknowledge Planned Parenthood’s faulty ‘integrity’? Only those that no one wants to listen to. My only complaint with the ‘famous’ prolife crowd is that most of them have never been victimized by abortion. I appreciate their love of the unborn child and their zeal in protecting them, but that’s all they know about abortion. They have never been inside of an abortion clinic and heard the machine that would eventually disarticulate your unborn child from your body, one limb at a time.

Get real: There are MILLIONS of women and men that are post-abortive that no one will hear one word from because you’d rather see someone famous instead of a real-life person that is still struggling with a decision they can’t take back.

When Planned Parenthood reacts to being defunded, they try to make you believe it’ll be like a third-world country regarding health care. The reality is this: Health care is not from the waist down, nor are they the only organization in the United States. You will not have to crawl hundreds of miles in the rain or snow to get health care, REAL HEALTH CARE. Planned Parenthood’s pathetic bleating is based on myths and lies, without credibility.

Get real: If it weren’t for the horrific sin of Man, there wouldn’t be a ‘need’ for Planned Parenthood and their services of birth control and abortion.

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