In the world we create what we have by not paying attention to decision makers. And as well, we have decision makers in office that are there because we weren’t paying attention. Bad decisions from bad decision makers become bad law.

I watched a recent PBS show about the Speakeasy/Jazz era of our country and how it ‘liberated’ women. What I saw was not liberation; it was whoring up women to appease a changing world and economy. I was appalled. What this program did not showcase was how single women were becoming alcoholics and drug addicts….party girls.

During this ruckus time period, a woman named Margaret Sanger came into the picture. She was educated as a nurse but in 1912, she gave up nursing work to dedicate herself to the distribution of birth control information to poor women on the Lower East Side of New York. Sanger saw an opportunity and exploited it and exploited the women it would soon affect. Now, there is sex without consequence….well over 90 years ago.

Sanger, as most of you know, pioneered Planned Parenthood. Her legacy has murdered millions without apology.

But this isn’t an article about Margaret Sanger, this is about how women and the law have evolved since women were ‘liberated’ nearly a
century ago.  The right to vote or to own property was not the issue here; these newly formed Feministas were holding down barstools trying to act like men. It was and is a pathetic sight. When Sanger came along, she told women that they can do whatever they want with their bodies including birth control and abortion which in the new Feminsta’s mind, would make them much more powerful than men because men had no choice in the matter.

So, here it is, it’s 1973 and women have legally won the ability to murder their unborn child throughout gestation on demand. Bad decisions from bad decision makers made bad law because women wanted to be more powerful than men. To appease liberal ‘liberated’ Feministas, we now have well over 55 million people that have died because of bad law.

But the backlash from this article will be minor compared to what the outcome has actually become. We as a nation showed the world how to murder children in the womb so she could get back to being a liberated woman. It’s a cycle that never seems to find an end.

As a woman, it doesn’t matter if this subject offends you because AS A WOMAN you have decided to be a murderer instead of a nurturer. And if you’re stupid enough NOT to believe in God, be aware that you are still accountable for an unborn child’s right to live or your right to abort. Your liberation is killing millions from bad decisions from bad decision makers that became bad law.

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