Do those huge inflatable animals really increase auto sales? I should know that answer since I sold cars for ten years. The answer is yes and no. The inflatable animal, the balloon arch and free hotdogs are to get your attention that you may stop by and buy. I think it’s hokey but these old timers that run these dealerships don’t mind spending over $1000 per month just on balloons alone.

In the car business, we want you to come into our dealership and buy a car. That’s all. In the abortion business, abortion providers want you to come into their clinics and get an abortion. They get your attention with flamboyant websites geared toward young people. It’s all about making you feel almost inspired to go into these places to check them out. When you get there, they do an enthusiastic meet and greet, a wine and dine to get your trust. It’s their inflatable animal getting and hopefully keeping your attention.

The tobacco industry got flack (as well they should have) for making smoking look interesting and sexy. It was deemed a deliberate sales pitch to young people particularly. The same is going on with energy drinks. It’s all about being your cool new best friend and then they gotcha. They do this well enough that no one notices the 1000lb gorilla in the room called ABORTION.

Planned Parenthood continues to use your tax dollars to rehab their ‘health center’ (abortion clinic) waiting rooms to look exciting and gear them toward young people; they use your money to revamp their websites to look fresh and interesting.

What if Planned Parenthood really didn’t technically use your money for abortions? Interesting thought here…they use your money to get women and girls INTO their abortion facilities to abort. Bait and switch. If it looks too good to be true, it usually is.

Abortion isn’t a political issue. Abortion is not a personal issue. Abortion is a murder issue. Abortion kills an unborn child, every time.

The inflatable gorilla is really quite fitting on top of the abortion clinics of Planned Parenthood…nothing to contribute to society but a whole lot of hot air.

6 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood’s Bait and Switch

  1. I think this is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read. A clean updated waiting room makes people want abortions? When I go to PP it’s for pap smears and birthcontrol. Most of the people in the waiting room with me are probably there for prenatal exams. PP also does STD screening. I don’t know about you, but when I go to a Dr’s office I want the waiting room to look nice and the bathroom to be clean. I have never thought “man this waiting room is nice. I should totally get an abortion here…”

    Your bait and switch theory is asinine. Stay out of my uterus.

  2. 1. Get your liberal socialistic government out of my WOMB
    2. Don’t force me to pay for anyone’s abortions, tests or a six-figure income for Cecile Richards
    3. Don’t drink the Planned Parenthood Kool-aid. It’ll murder ya.

  3. The writer either needs to repeat English 101, or is banking on his readership not having had any analytical reading education. That is, he either does not know what a fallacy is, or deliberately indulges because it sounds good and his readers are too uneducated to tell the difference.

    Let’s get the paternalism out of politics. I have a wonderful father. I don’t need strange men/women running for office, political or religious, to take over that role. Let’s keep government small enough that it does not fit into my uterus.

  4. First, Abortion kills an unborn child.
    Second, Abortion kills an unborn child.
    Third, Abortion kills an unborn child.
    Fourth, Keep your liberal limp wristed Democrat driven government OUT OF MY WOMB.
    Fifth, even though you hate unborn children and like to abuse your ‘right’ to abort and complain to those that know abortion to be MURDER, Jesus still loves you. Repent and LIVE.
    Sixth, Abortion kills an unborn child.

  5. “limp wristed Democrat” nice . . . You’re hateful. Instead of devoting all of your time to an issue that has been decided by the supreme court over 3 decades ago, why not give back to the community and act a little more like Jesus. Oh, and these fetuses you claim to love so much, why don’t you give back to them once there children. I’m sure the idea of Medicaid, CHP+ and food stamps makes your skin crawl (based off of your comment “socialistic government”). . . Once a child is born it’s OK with you if they live in poverty and eventually die of starvation and inadequate healthcare.

  6. How nice hearing directly from Planned Parenthood! Let me enlighten you:

    1. If you pick and choose who gets to live, then you have become no better than your average Nazi.
    2. Believe it or not, Abortion kills an unborn child.
    3. It’s a fact that PP is losing ground.
    4. “To be for abortion is not really pro-choice­. It’s to escape the consequenc­es of one’s choice.” (HuffPost)
    5. Stay out of my WOMB.

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