Over and over again we, the American people, are forced to deal with our money being spent where it need not be whether it is because of the absolute absurdness of it or because it goes against all that is moral, Godly, and decent.

We the People pay for abortion.

Our society has become one of a fast-food type of lifestyle; on the go, right now, disposable. There is a no conscience, no loyalty, no apologies, no regret way of life, if you want to call it ‘life’. I do not. It’s a pitiful existence.

Being labeled a culture of abortion is a detestable thing. America has drank the Planned Parenthood Kool-Aid of lies. They show you pretty waiting rooms, comfortable ‘counselor’ offices, brochures showing a 20-something generation approval of sex without consequence way of life – all of it giving you a great big gulp of the culture of abortion.

Things that make you go ‘hmmmm’ – it’s a womb when you’re going to have a baby, it’s a uterus when you’re aborting.

A recent commenter on KeepLifeLegal suggested I stay out of her uterus. I posed the notion that the government has shoved itself into my WOMB. Democrats and so-called ‘liberated’ women proposed to the Supreme Court that women have rights to their own bodies. I’m here to tell you that we never lost control over having a right to our own bodies. Women chose to be part of a sexual revolution STARTED BY WOMEN. But there are consequences, they found out…sex leads to promiscuity, disease and pregnancy. So, instead of teaching a better way of living so these things don’t happen, these women decided to have the right to end the life of their unborn child so their lives aren’t disrupted….thus, the government has shoved itself into my WOMB.

Abortion isn’t just a moral issue, it’s a consequence initiated by the Supreme Court in 1973 for women that won’t prepare for sexual activity. Abortion isn’t about poor women or women of color (Guttmacher said it, not me). Abortion is about the laziness of the liberated woman. Don’t bother telling me it’s about women in crisis or sickness – most abortions in the United States occur because stupid women had sex and didn’t bother to prepare for it.

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