I recently attended a rally for the Heartbeat Bill in Columbus, Ohio. I met a lot of great people that fight for Life either politically, spiritually and the secular camp. There are many facets to the abortion issue but the liberal Democrat agenda says it’s all a social issue and ideological in nature for Prolifers. That’s actually true. But are the Prolifers the only ones spiritually led?

My husband and I met a nice couple that comes from the northeast part of Ohio who brings their signs and the Gospel to a sidewalk outside of an abortion clinic. They go there once a week; and even though they are retired, gas is expensive which makes it a bit of a hardship for them. Their signs have been taped and retaped many times. You can see their skin healing from sunburn to sunburn from sitting outside of the abortion clinic. They have a heart for the unborn and the women that believe the lie. She told me about their ‘typical’ day at the clinic…

She told me that the pro-abortion people that escort ‘patients’ to the abortion clinic door are self proclaimed witches. She also told me they draw pentagrams all around the clinic to ‘protect it’. Apparently they drew one that was faint for her to see, and this good lady put her chair where she normally puts it, in the middle of the pentagram drawn just for her. She was not moved nor was she dismayed, she called the name of Jesus. She would NOT be moved.

Who made the abortion issue spiritual? The self proclaimed witches did. Most assuredly, abortionism has become its own type of spiritual monster that is being built up high and strong by pro-choicers and pro-aborts. They consort with ‘witches’ and others that seek the blood of the unborn, calling it ‘choice’. It almost seems ritualistic?

2 thoughts on “Abortionism in America

  1. Rev. K.H.,

    You may have heard me say it before, but I don’t laud those who use religion to justify their pro-life stance. I don’t fault them, of course, but as a Christian who argues the issue from a secular point of view, it would help me if scripture were left out of the debate entirely. Too often, a the views of some of my pro-life counterparts are attributed to me and every other pro-lifer, thereby damning us from the beginning of the debate. We have to work THAT much harder to be taken seriously.

    But I have to come realize something awfully important: Martin Luther King Jr. cited scripture quite often in his fight for equality. This is a man, mind you, that has been glorified by the left repeatedly. Why? If they are so against the use of religion to justify a particular political persuasion, then why in the hell do they laud Martin Luther King Jr.? I’ve shut up numerous anti-lifers simply by mentioning his name.

  2. MLK did much for civil rights which would lead one to believe that after all that the black community went through, they would be much more open to the civil rights of the unborn child. Nothing could be further from the truth. At the rate the black community is aborting, they cannot recoup; statistically speaking. As far as scripture being based in the prolife movement, it is crucial that one understands how the economy of God works. I was also against bring God into everything years ago, but I got a revelation of Life. Truly, one has to get a revelation of Life origin.

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