Waiting on the ‘free’ healthcare? Another ‘stimulus’ check? Do you have any idea how many African-American lives it will cost to get it? You can thank Obama for that.

The founder of BlackGenocide.org, Reverend Dr. Clenard Childress, wrote, “The 2006 Census report tells us African-American birth rates are beneath the replacement rate at 1.97. You need 2.1 to replace the existing population.” Blacks are literally exterminating themselves, the government is allowing it and the Church is doing nothing about it. How can anyone NOT see this? Are we so deceived?

Rev. Childress addressed the deception of the black church regarding abortion when Obama was running for president and when he was elected. The Church of God in Christ saw a black man finally becoming president, Rev. Childress saw many more black unborn children losing their lives because of liberal politics. Obama signed away the lives of millions and the COGIC looked away, nodding in approval of an African-American president.

While there is no actual position on abortion in the COGIC that I could find, I did come across this nugget – regarding the 2008 election, Rev. Dr. Clenard Childress writes, “Bishop Blake released the ‘fowls of the air’ himself by amending his insightful message with the age-old pro-abortion cliché: ‘I could never vote for a Republican because they don’t do anything for the child once they are here.’ And continued to say, ‘…it was coming from the presiding Bishop of the largest Pentecostal Denomination in America, with a membership of over 6 million people, Saved, Sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost, it was somewhat disturbing. How could the leader of such a prestigious and historic denomination, give such a jaded reason for support of the party which promotes Planned Parenthood, and advocates for the most destructive device in the African American Community since our inception: Abortion! Abortion is a modern day holocaust directly responsible for over 16 million African American deaths since 1973!

A recent article I wrote about the Heartbeat Bill Life Rally reflected on how few, I mean just a couple of African-American people were there for Life. But on the opposite side of the Statehouse for Planned Parenthood, there were MANY more people of color. How can anyone be that deceived? Planned Parenthood is practicing genocide in plain sight. Over 60% of black pregnancies end in abortion.

If you and/or your church is African-American and support Planned Parenthood in any way, then you also support Margaret Sanger who deemed the black population as ‘weeds’.

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