Americans boomerang back and forth on the abortion agenda in the United States – from the scourge it is to being ‘flexible’ so no one gets offended particularly during an election year. What is the abortion answer?

Liberal Democrats and all other anti-lifers bullies the American people into thinking that they are doing us a great service by exterminating those babies wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Nancy Pelosi said time and time again how our system would be strained to the point of apocalyptic if all of the aborted babies were born, assuming of course that all babies that could have been born were on public assistance hungrily eating up every dime the government has set aside for a greener and more diverse world.

Moderate Republicans and Democrats lob disarticulated bombs at the abortion agenda calling it ‘exceptions’. Again, moderates on both sides believe that there are expendable unborn babies that might have been poor, sick or a burden.

But what is the real answer to the abortion question? Should abortion be an answer to a situation that is ALWAYS temporary?

Ask a young graduate that gave the final benediction and the Valedictorian’s address at her school:

“Only some of you know that when my Mom found out she was pregnant with me her senior year (of high school), she was going to abort me. She had an abortion planned and it was only by God’s Grace that she didn’t. I know it seems kind of odd in doing so, but I want to take this moment now and tell my Mother, ‘Thank You. Thank You Mama, for saving my life. Look at what I have become!”

Straight from what was once a blob of tissue, a product of conception, a mass of distorted cells, non-human….Thanks for choosing Life, Mom.

Read the rest of the young Valedictorians’s story here.

3 thoughts on “The Abortion answer to the Abortion question.

  1. Hello there! My name is Tashina Gause and I am actually the Valedictorian who wrote this! Thanks for the mention and I hoped it has impacted other lives! Thanks and God bless!

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